Get Funding to Grow Your Business

Get content solutions that reach 85% of decision makers and money sources including venture capital firms, news channels and investor networks to grow your business.    The media stories target VC funding opportunities, decision makers and helps build your human resource employment solutions. The value added is fantastic for Startups, IPO companies and penny stock equities, looking to accelerate growth strategies.   We deliver … Continue reading Get Funding to Grow Your Business

Biotechnology Nanoparticles $55 Billion Market

Using tiny snippets of DNA as “barcodes,” researchers have developed a new technique for rapidly screening the ability of nanoparticles to selectively deliver therapeutic genes to specific organs of the body. The technique could accelerate the development and use of gene therapies for such killers as heart disease, cancer and Parkinson’s disease writes James Dean … Continue reading Biotechnology Nanoparticles $55 Billion Market

Startup Companies and Penny Stocks Secure Capital with Better Content Marketing

Raising capital for startups is often a daunting task. So, we push your message with targeted content marketing that engages 95% of venture capital and business networks to help gain sales momentum, better human resources and increase return on investment. As a small business, it's often hard to juggle so many projects with limited resources. … Continue reading Startup Companies and Penny Stocks Secure Capital with Better Content Marketing

Android Wear 2.0 Review

Google's smartwatch OS ditches the distractions and focuses on quickly delivering necessary information. WSJ's Geoffrey A. Fowler tests out LG's new watches, the first with Android Wear 2.0.  Watch Video Review ! 

Biotech Story Excites Venture Capital Investors $5.5 Billion Market

Leading biologist, Jennifer Doudna, co-invented the groundbreaking gene editing technology known as CRISPR-Cas9 which allows doctors to edit DNA code with precision. Now playing GOD, if you will, is a reality. But it's also potentially dangerous to the social equality of mankind. Although, the health benefits of genome editing has changed the world forever.

Content Marketing versus Link Building

Google announced requirements for mobile search engine optimization and better web page ranking with it's new algorithms. Bottom line, if your website is not mobile complaint it will be delisted and drop-off the top search rankings. Among the most important components to capturing top mobile search ranking is the makeup and complexity of your site architecture, load speed … Continue reading Content Marketing versus Link Building

Social Search Content Marketing Reaches 35% of Online User Traffic

More often people are using search in social networks to find local businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, building contractors and auto dealers. Social search drives 35% of online traffic now. While search engine queries in Google and BING account for 50% of all user purchase and research, prior to buying says James Dean @ … Continue reading Social Search Content Marketing Reaches 35% of Online User Traffic

Financial Technology Market Robust Growth Opportunity

Creating a high quality customer experience and cyber security upgrades are the primary concerns for financial institutions such as banks, stock brokers and real estate agents. Developing multiple touch-points, where customers can access bank statements and pay for goods and services electronically 24/7 is a big push for 2017. This year, a 55% increase in spending by financial … Continue reading Financial Technology Market Robust Growth Opportunity