Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Choose a WordPress theme that fits your needs and/or let our design team help you. We charge $995 USD to program new websites including new domain name, agreed upon WORDPRESS theme, 1-year hosting, graphic design, social network pages, blog SEO content writing, keyword research / meta tag search engine optimization, embedded video and photos. All … Continue reading Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Agriculture Farm Crop Report 2016

Today cooking and food shows in the media are everywhere, capturing our interest. It seems like people have become obsessed with eating healthy. Mobile apps track our daily lifestyle habits and exercise routines. But eating healthy foods labelled "organic" are costly, on-average 65% more expensive than mass grown (GMO) fruits and vegetables. Despite the cost, … Continue reading Agriculture Farm Crop Report 2016

Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

Annually, Cuba offers $5 Billion in economic business opportunities for American companies. Industries like agriculture, commercial real estate, auto sales, healthcare, travel and entertainment are just a few markets that look promising for the 11 million people living in Cuba. Demographic data shows that 48% of Cuba's population is between ages 25 - 54 years … Continue reading Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

Water Equities Steady Dividend vs Oil Gold & Currency

Water stocks deliver consistent income; as one of the best Wall Street investments in the last 40-years says James Dean @ Clean water and sewage treatment has a steady global price trajectory. Profit margins are healthy in the clean water and waste treatment business. I recommend equity stock investments in water companies like … Continue reading Water Equities Steady Dividend vs Oil Gold & Currency

Wholefoods All Natural Cheaper, Smaller & Mobile Friendly visited with executives at Whole Foods Market Inc. to discuss some of their new branding and operations upgrades. Most notable was a nine-point plan to sure up new strategies like making Whole Foods more of a neighborhood market for affordable organic and all-natural produce. There's also talking of Whole Foods partnering with a healthcare … Continue reading Wholefoods All Natural Cheaper, Smaller & Mobile Friendly

$130 Billion Merger Dow Chemical Dupont To Shed 10% of Workforce reports a merger between Dow Chemical and Dupont, worth $130 billion, will be followed by a three-way break up of the combined company, with a focus on agriculture, material sciences and specialty products. Wall Street Journal Video ...  

Made in America : Products, People And Prosperity announced market research that 8 in 10 Americans want to buy stuff "Made in America" while 60% say they'd spend a premium of 10% more for products manufactured solely in the USA. Giant retailers like Wal-Mart are taking notice now employing better supply chain controls. Recently, top retailers like Macy's, JC Penny, GE, and Caterpillar … Continue reading Made in America : Products, People And Prosperity

Human Population, The Problem Nobody Is Talking About