Supply Chain Millennials

We're working with industrial supply chain Millennials to push the envelope and generate maximum productivity across multiple industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and machine automation reports James Dean @ Below review industry leading Millennials ...   

U.S. Manufacturing versus Asia Europe

Manufacturing, once thought to be dead in America is being rediscovered as a new grassroots movement that's sparked by historic mandates delivered by voters electing Donald Trump, President of the United States. At the core of Trump's policy is the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing and innovation. But many people question the resurgence of "Made in America" manufacturing and if it will translate into more jobs, higher … Continue reading U.S. Manufacturing versus Asia Europe

Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Automating your marketing with smarter website designs and targeted advertising to produce a better customer service experience will push your brand loyalty and increase sales. Using automated mobile apps such as LIVE CHAT; we've created a better customer experience. The LIVE customer interaction yields vast amounts of web analytics data to drive your business development … Continue reading Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

5 Key Stock Investments under TRUMP

Our research finds economic reform policies under Donald Trump, boost five key areas of healthy growth in stocks and investment opportunities. Here are the highest growth investment sectors under a new Trump administration including; Energy stocks like Kinder Morgan (KMI : NYSE) ... READ MORE ABOUT KMI  Infrastructure and Logistics such as Caterpillar (CAT), GE and Google Terra Bella (GOOG)    Military … Continue reading 5 Key Stock Investments under TRUMP

Twitter News Video Feed Google Search

Twitter posted its updated news feed which is grabbing top Google ranking in organic search engine queries. The content media app is drawing 167,935,200 page views per day says James Dean @  We place a valuation on Twitter of $11 Billion in the upcoming acquisition with the potential to generate nearly $1 Billion in advertising … Continue reading Twitter News Video Feed Google Search

3D Printing : Education, Medical and Manufacturing

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing provides many advantages such as the ability to reduce inventory and material costs. And customization items for individual consumers. The ability to localize production is efficient such as hearing aids, ceramic teeth, auto parts and aircraft components also reducing inventory transportation costs for most businesses. Overall, our research … Continue reading 3D Printing : Education, Medical and Manufacturing

TSA 95% Failure Rate Calls for Security System Automation

Today, American tax payers spend about $7 Billion annually on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which several studies have show misses nearly 95% of guns and weapons during inspection at airports and public facilities (CNN Report 2015). For those of us who have been watching the TSA, the 95% number wasn't that much of a … Continue reading TSA 95% Failure Rate Calls for Security System Automation


Google ads get even better cost per click, return on investment by using more targeted "negative" keywords i.e. unique SEO phrases added James Dean @ We recommend Google Adwords as the top mobile advertising platform. The cost per click can be significantly reduced by creating unique keyword phases and geo-targeting ad campaigns. Our data … Continue reading Adwords