Web Design Content Marketing Prices

iHumanMedia.com offers 25-years of experience in digital media production and technology programming services. Note below our pricing ...  Mobile Website Design : 15 page website $495 or Landing Page $195 (capture more leads) 15-30 pages $1,195 … WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, custom HTML ... includes 1-year hosting, content writing, blog, social network pages, video embed, search engine optimization and Google indexing. 50+ pages $1,295 … Continue reading Web Design Content Marketing Prices

Bank Cloud IT Network Spending 55% Increase

Creating a high quality customer experience and cyber security upgrades are the primary concerns for financial institutions such as banks, stock brokers and real estate agents. Developing multiple touch-points, where customers can access bank statements and pay for goods and services electronically 24/7 is a big push for 2017. This year, a 55% increase in spending by financial … Continue reading Bank Cloud IT Network Spending 55% Increase

Dynamic CRM App

The ability to search across multiple data sources in your customer relationship management app, enables better "cross sales" and new revenue opportunities.  Using Microsoft's Dynamics Cloud app provides a powerful enterprise CRM solution. The ability to integrate and share data in your Customer Service logs, Outlook Email, Calendar, PowerPoint and Word docs improves productivity across … Continue reading Dynamic CRM App

Increase Your Sales / Brand Marketing ​

iHumanMedia.com helps a wide range of businesses in financial services, real estate, healthcare, retail apparel, technology, manufacturing, automation and food industry. We deliver consistent results for You !  Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions ...  - CUSTOM Website Design (15-pages web STORE payments online / VISUAL graphics intensive) includes CUSTOM design, Video, content writing SEO, social networks (Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest), BLOG article, Shopping … Continue reading Increase Your Sales / Brand Marketing ​

$30 Billion Mobile Network Acquisitions for Google

For industry insiders, its no secret Google is still the leader for Internet marketing, along with Apple and Microsoft. But with social networking, now accounting for nearly 65% of all consumer purchase activity, Google needs to beef-up its applications. We'd choose LinkedIn or YouTube over Facebook for better quality sales leads writes James Dean.  Alphabet (NASDAQ … Continue reading $30 Billion Mobile Network Acquisitions for Google

$26 Billion Deal Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

The social commerce revolution is official now coming on the heels of Microsoft's $26.2 Billion acquisition of LinkedIn; the professional employee and B2B mobile network. The terms of the Microsoft deal for LinkedIn have investors excited with the $196 per share price, a 50% gain in one days trading says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. Cloud … Continue reading $26 Billion Deal Microsoft Buys LinkedIn

Cloud Quantum Computing

Google is leading the evolution into cloud quantum computing applications that make available optimal cloud storage and data networks. In fact, the new Google cloud quantum computing facility is already up and running based on advanced information technology developed by D-Wave Systems Inc. Additionally, IBM also released its cloud quantum computing system initially focused on medicine … Continue reading Cloud Quantum Computing

Social Media Marketing and Content SEO $279 per Month

iHumanMedia.com offers geographically targeted social media marketing to places like Tennessee (Franklin, Hendersonville, Nashville, Gallatin, Brentwood, Bellevue & Mt Juliet) and throughout the United States. Using daily technology tips and news articles geared to local contacts, we can increase your sales and build a sustainable social network in Facebook, Google +, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is a great … Continue reading Social Media Marketing and Content SEO $279 per Month