Affordable Sales Rep

Selling your products and services requires a daily consistent effort that can be made more affordable when outsourced to network resources companies like  Our trained department of sales representatives will target key decision makers by phone and email contact. Although, digital media is a big part of today's marketing and sales effort; your company … Continue reading Affordable Sales Rep

Social Search Content Marketing Reaches 35% of Online User Traffic

More often people are using search in social networks to find local businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, building contractors and auto dealers. Social search drives 35% of online traffic now. While search engine queries in Google and BING account for 50% of all user purchase and research, prior to buying says James Dean @ … Continue reading Social Search Content Marketing Reaches 35% of Online User Traffic

Web Designs

Web designing is a detailed process that integrates original content writing, graphic design and social media networking; all into a digital media that broadcasts your business message to consumers. Whether, it's B2B / B2C markets your targeting, the web designs used should convey both visually and content messaging that engages your audience in a dialogue. … Continue reading Web Designs

Search Engine Optimization Reddit

Yes, search engine optimization is alive and well. Keyword choice is critical to your content marketing and social media advertising success. By creating original blog articles, on-site SEO content pages and online video productions; digital media becomes a powerful organic search optimization tool. Label you photo images with keyword file names to add Google SEO. … Continue reading Search Engine Optimization Reddit

Better B2B Marketing Solutions

Business to Business (B2B) product and services comprise about 45% of all U.S. companies. The B2B model often requires a more technical understanding of abstract ideas and technology. Therefore, B2B marketing programs require a more knowledgeable media pro.  One of the best tools we find is content marketing, where a certified digital media writer / … Continue reading Better B2B Marketing Solutions

Facebook Virtual Reality 360 Degree Streaming Video Apps

Facebook VR Lab is diligently working on shared experiences like 360 degree OCULUS video streaming apps. Recently, we sat down with Mark Zuckerberg and Steven Levy, the editor in chief of Backchannel reports  Applications in virtual reality are robust like marine exploration, video game networking, e-commerce mobile shopping, 3D print manufacturing and digital patient healthcare … Continue reading Facebook Virtual Reality 360 Degree Streaming Video Apps

A Free Media Story About Your Business or Non-Profit

We're searching for unique businesses and non-profits to create a FREE MEDIA STORY. The broadcast network story will include copywriting and video highlights about the people and value-added brand solution. Your message will reach thousands of mobile Internet users on smartphones and tablets.  IT'S FREE SUBMIT YOUR BUSINESS OR NON-PROFIT CALL 615-420-5153  EMAIL US reading A Free Media Story About Your Business or Non-Profit

Earn Money Referral Marketing is a leading advertising firm that provides effective referral (B2C / B2B) marketing solutions. Leveraging social media networks, friends and neighbors to fulfill needs can benefit for everyone. Whether, your running a business enterprise, retail shop or online store; we know that almost 50% of your sales come from customer referrals. It's simple … Continue reading Earn Money Referral Marketing