Supply Chain Millennials

We're working with industrial supply chain Millennials to push the envelope and generate maximum productivity across multiple industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and machine automation reports James Dean @ Below review industry leading Millennials ...   

Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Choose a WordPress theme that fits your needs and/or let our design team help you. We charge $995 USD to program new websites including new domain name, agreed upon WORDPRESS theme, 1-year hosting, graphic design, social network pages, blog SEO content writing, keyword research / meta tag search engine optimization, embedded video and photos. All … Continue reading Agriculture Farm WordPress Designs

Health Care Asset Disposition (ITAD) E-Waste $20 Billion Industry

Disposal of equipment and electronic devices often containing sensitive data information is a growing industry worldwide. Today, over 9.5 million tons of e-waste or electronics are thrown away in America. Waste management is a concern as computers, smartphones and equipment, often contain toxic elements such as mercury, chromium and lead. The global e-waste industry is growing 35% annually (YOY). Toxic e-waste poses exponential dangers now.

3D Print Manufacturing

Data analytics research by; suggests the 3D printing market, known as additive manufacturing will achieve $21 Billion in revenue by 2022. Companies like ST Engineering use 3D printing now to manufacture unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV).  The beauty of 3D print manufacturing is that we go from production to consumption in a single step, thus skipping the costly … Continue reading 3D Print Manufacturing

Better B2B Marketing Solutions

Business to Business (B2B) product and services comprise about 45% of all U.S. companies. The B2B model often requires a more technical understanding of abstract ideas and technology. Therefore, B2B marketing programs require a more knowledgeable media pro.  One of the best tools we find is content marketing, where a certified digital media writer / … Continue reading Better B2B Marketing Solutions

Sports Authority Transformation to Social Commerce

We noticed the Sports Authority (SA) re-organization is on-going during its bankruptcy filing. suggests a new SA retail model that combines local "neighborhood" markets, almost like "product demo" centers to drive social commerce. Using mobile apps like Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter online purchasing options could better automate the … Continue reading Sports Authority Transformation to Social Commerce

Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

Annually, Cuba offers $5 Billion in economic business opportunities for American companies. Industries like agriculture, commercial real estate, auto sales, healthcare, travel and entertainment are just a few markets that look promising for the 11 million people living in Cuba. Demographic data shows that 48% of Cuba's population is between ages 25 - 54 years … Continue reading Cuba Business Economics Caterpillar Construction Equipment Sales

B2B Sales E-Commerce ERP CRM Twitter LinkedIn Solutions

The key to driving B2B sales is networking and automated content marketing with smart pricing strategies. We recommend Twitter and LinkedIn, as the top B2B social networking sites. Facebook is the top social network among consumers but the B2B leads to sales conversion rate on FB is about 75% lower than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google … Continue reading B2B Sales E-Commerce ERP CRM Twitter LinkedIn Solutions