Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Owning a home, your own piece of real estate provides a special sense of security. Buying a home gives your family that added benefit of ownership in the community. A permanent investment in real estate builds a foundation to raise kids and enjoy years of memories with family and friends. Home owners often discover a … Continue reading Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Financial Technology Market Robust Growth Opportunity

Creating a high quality customer experience and cyber security upgrades are the primary concerns for financial institutions such as banks, stock brokers and real estate agents. Developing multiple touch-points, where customers can access bank statements and pay for goods and services electronically 24/7 is a big push for 2017. This year, a 55% increase in spending by financial … Continue reading Financial Technology Market Robust Growth Opportunity

U.S. Manufacturing versus Asia Europe

Manufacturing, once thought to be dead in America is being rediscovered as a new grassroots movement that's sparked by historic mandates delivered by voters electing Donald Trump, President of the United States. At the core of Trump's policy is the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing and innovation. But many people question the resurgence of "Made in America" manufacturing and if it will translate into more jobs, higher … Continue reading U.S. Manufacturing versus Asia Europe

Financial Services Public Relations & Digital Media Apps

Building your financial services business is a process that involves many steps. Initially, the entrepreneur (s) must build a product or service that reaches a significant market and earns a profit. The operations management of the business must be able to fulfill sales orders and attract high quality talent. But there always comes a time when your business needs … Continue reading Financial Services Public Relations & Digital Media Apps

5 Key Stock Investments under TRUMP

Our research finds economic reform policies under Donald Trump, boost five key areas of healthy growth in stocks and investment opportunities. Here are the highest growth investment sectors under a new Trump administration including; Energy stocks like Kinder Morgan (KMI : NYSE) ... READ MORE ABOUT KMI  Infrastructure and Logistics such as Caterpillar (CAT), GE and Google Terra Bella (GOOG)    Military … Continue reading 5 Key Stock Investments under TRUMP

Achieve Better Sales Think Different

It's no secret that world markets are on-edge with UK exiting EURO, China pulling back from capitalist endeavors; as manufacturing falters and Russia regaining its foothold as a global leader. How does all this impact your business. Well, first investment capital begins to dry-up then consumers experience higher gas prices at the pump while Saudi … Continue reading Achieve Better Sales Think Different

Jim Cramer says Donald Trump is Correct But

Business insider, Jim Cramer says there is solid truth to Donald Trump's concern for another U.S. recession. With high debt, healthcare costs skyrocketing and strength of dollar dropping; we've got to rethink the U.S. financial outlook adds 

Personal Finance Apps Reach 87% of Consumers

A new study by reports personal finance and investment mobile apps will reach a $1 Trillion market in 2020. The banking industry is already transforming itself with easy to use mobile apps that allow consumers and business owners to manage their finances on smartphones and tablets. Research shows 87% of consumers ages 18 to 45 … Continue reading Personal Finance Apps Reach 87% of Consumers