Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Owning a home, your own piece of real estate provides a special sense of security. Buying a home gives your family that added benefit of ownership in the community. A permanent investment in real estate builds a foundation to raise kids and enjoy years of memories with family and friends. Home owners often discover a … Continue reading Real Estate Home Ownership Builds Security and Health for Your Family

Child and Infant Day Care

The need for affordable child care is growing 2.5% annually with provider revenue almost $53 Billion reports Among the 34 million U.S. families with children, 88%  had at least one employed parent in 2014. Among married-couple families with children, 96% had at least one employed parent in 2014. The share of married-couple families with children where … Continue reading Child and Infant Day Care

Health News Mobile Lifestyle Electronics

Verve is a NEW fashion leader that's creating health and fitness lifestyle mobile electronics like ergonomic audio ear buds, headphones, HD body camera, and high tech dog collars with video cams. Motorola's Verve brand of wearable electronics are generating lot's of BUZZ reports social media news provider We expect the $94 Billion wearable technology market to … Continue reading Health News Mobile Lifestyle Electronics

2016 Upgrade New Year Resolution

Each of us has their personal goals in the upcoming new year 2016. Perhaps, a few of these ideas sparks your interest but do you have the stamina and determination to see it through to the new beginning, success. So what's your new year resolution ... 2016  Family - create a better relationship and/or build … Continue reading 2016 Upgrade New Year Resolution

EV 850 EPA Rating 120 Mile Range Under $40K

The average daily commuter in the United States drives less than 50 miles round trip to and from work and miscellaneous stops like the grocery store. So after review, we recommend you take a close look at the innovative Aptera electric vehicle. It takes just $65 per month to fuel up with a range of 100 miles per … Continue reading EV 850 EPA Rating 120 Mile Range Under $40K

Mobile App Business Communication and Asset Intelligence helps business organizations leverage MOBILE networks that are secure and enable your workforce to share data such as photos, PDF docs and video clips without any messy hardwired cabling. No more office or home network wiring, nightmares. Now its easy to share using apps like Android ZAP developed by Motorola Mobility says author, James Dean. Still … Continue reading Mobile App Business Communication and Asset Intelligence

Racism in America VIDEO Conversation joins the conversation on racism in an educational town-hall forum.  We find 60% unemployment rates in many BLACK neighborhoods across the country. Often these low-income communities are hampered by racism issues. Social Media Content Management

LED Smart Lights with VIDEO imaging Sensors A Privacy Concern – NEWS ALERT reports on a BREAKING NEWS STORY that reveals new LED smart lights in public forums like airports, shopping malls and home maybe connected to wireless networks that can sense and monitor your every move. Mobile Interconnectivity Feeds Human Curiosity ...