Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

Don't wait any longer. Have you had that nagging idea for an innovative new product that would change the world? Now is the time to launch your startup with all the business friendly policies being implemented. I'm a serial entrepreneur and tech industry evangelist with over 25 years of start-up success including venture capital funding, … Continue reading Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

2016 Upgrade New Year Resolution

Each of us has their personal goals in the upcoming new year 2016. Perhaps, a few of these ideas sparks your interest but do you have the stamina and determination to see it through to the new beginning, success. So what's your new year resolution ... 2016  Family - create a better relationship and/or build … Continue reading 2016 Upgrade New Year Resolution

How the “Doctors” Got It All Wrong, The Power of the Human Spirit – WATCH VIDEO

iHumanMedia.com - Millions of people are told they will not live or a child will not survive. But the "DOCTORS" are often proven wrong by truly amazing people. The human spirit, will to survive can be a powerful force even in the face of overwhelming odds. CHECKOUT THE VIDEO, LEARN POSITIVE INSIGHTS. Do you have a VISION to … Continue reading How the “Doctors” Got It All Wrong, The Power of the Human Spirit – WATCH VIDEO

Entering Godmode : A Space Without Boundaries

iHumanMedia.com - Today, mankind has entered into an extraordinary journey that has opened the gates of awareness leading us into the notion that we are all creators "Ontological Engineers". Each person capable of shaping both physical and mental states, even constructing new worlds and virtual realities. Even Microsoft Windows 10 features a hidden folder known as … Continue reading Entering Godmode : A Space Without Boundaries

Organic Creativity Defined – WATCH VIDEO

What is Creativity asked iHumanMedia.com Do we really understand CREATIVITY in it’s most ORGANIC form?

Great Leaders Transfer SHOCKWAVE Change in Perception

iHumanMedia.com  SHOCKWAVE  Perception Dreamers, Reality Distortion Leaders that make a true difference, transform our perception of reality, enabling average people to reach extraordinary heights, once thought unattainable says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com It's here that we discover a "SHOCKWAVE" effect that results in genuine change, where real progress and human evolution occur. 

How to Grow Business

Even in a financially strapped economy your business can grow with a well thought out business strategy. To grow under tight budget constraints, your business must think smarter. Increase the quality and detail to work. Gain better research data. Expand untapped ideas through crowdsourcing. Create better brand loyalty programs. And engage customer relationships. Recognize your … Continue reading How to Grow Business

Learn Common Traits Successful People Share

Based on research over ten years and 500 face-to-face-interviews led Richard St. John to a collection of eight common traits in successful leaders around the world. The most important attribute needed for success is passion.  iHumanMedia.com is a thought leader and mentor to small business entrepreneurs and Fortune 1000 companies across the United States and … Continue reading Learn Common Traits Successful People Share