Supply Chain Millennials

We're working with industrial supply chain Millennials to push the envelope and generate maximum productivity across multiple industries such as automotive, equipment manufacturing and machine automation reports James Dean @ Below review industry leading Millennials ...   

Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

Don't wait any longer. Have you had that nagging idea for an innovative new product that would change the world? Now is the time to launch your startup with all the business friendly policies being implemented. I'm a serial entrepreneur and tech industry evangelist with over 25 years of start-up success including venture capital funding, … Continue reading Fulfill Your Startup Idea Now !

Auto Artificial Intelligence $75 Billion Market

Vehicle artificial intelligence, self-driving car sales are expected to reach $75 Billion by 2035; according to researchers. Already, we find venture capital and private equity firms like Goldman Sachs have invested over $1 Billion in the R&D and manufacturing of driverless cars. Artificial intelligence technology leaders like GOOGLE and General Motors have announced self-driving … Continue reading Auto Artificial Intelligence $75 Billion Market

$2.4 Billion Google Ventures Plan $1 Billion Investment for 2016

Google Ventures (GV) plans to increase its current $2.4 Billion portfolio another $1 Billion for 2016. Over the past year, Google Ventures has bought up 39 companies in a variety of markets reported Although, investments in Europe to be scaled back. New business acquisitions in recent talks have included Twitter, mobile social network and Second … Continue reading $2.4 Billion Google Ventures Plan $1 Billion Investment for 2016

New Age Whole Foods Vitamin Nutrition : Cricket Powder’s Organic Protein Rich promotes whole food sources and organic nutrition to help alleviate the global population crisis, estimated to reach over 9 Billion people by 2050. Healthy food alternatives like cricket powder could help to reduce greenhouse gases by 22% and lower food costs by 35% versus other high protein meals such as beef. Some leading innovators of … Continue reading New Age Whole Foods Vitamin Nutrition : Cricket Powder’s Organic Protein Rich

Car Sales Market Video Analysis

Vehicle sales for GM and global partners fell 4.8% year-on-year in August 2015, as Ford Motor Co (F.N) and Nissan also announced contracting sales for the month reported Watch Video Market Analysis - China's economy is forecast to grow at its slowest pace in a quarter of a century this year. Mainland stock markets have … Continue reading Car Sales Market Video Analysis

Consumer Spending Market Analysis 2015 released findings on target markets where consumer are spending. Here are business sectors where Americans are spending their money : Air travel up 2.8% in first two months for 2015, according to the Department of Transportation. Quinlan says summer bookings look even better. Plus, growth is coming from consumers, not business travelers. When people are comfortable … Continue reading Consumer Spending Market Analysis 2015

Startup Capital for Business

Finding startup capital for business in the age of crowd sourcing and social media networks is a whole lot easier than in previous times reported Raising seed money for your new business or cause will benefit from a detailed mobile web presentation that busy smart phone and tablet executives can review online. Think big, … Continue reading Startup Capital for Business