Affordable Sales Rep

Selling your products and services requires a daily consistent effort that can be made more affordable when outsourced to network resources companies like  Our trained department of sales representatives will target key decision makers by phone and email contact. Although, digital media is a big part of today's marketing and sales effort; your company … Continue reading Affordable Sales Rep

WordPress Forms

About 65% of B2B is on mobile devices now, so forms generally do not get used. We program better ways for clients to contact you. Forms in WordPress are often hacked. Alternatively, we like using more secure embedded link email / text "Contact Us" that bring customers directly into e-mail. Mobile phone number is also the best way to … Continue reading WordPress Forms

Sales Jump 45% – How We Did It reports 45% increase in sales (yoy) for 2015. Primarily, revenue increases are attributed to integration of MOBILE office technology to reduce overhead and focus on digital media with an emphasis on social commerce apps. We recommend cloud platforms to share files enabling your workforce to network better with clients. Review digital marketing results ...  … Continue reading Sales Jump 45% – How We Did It

Facebook Customer Relationship App

Whether it’s a Social Messenger Inquiry or Facebook Page email request; our trained staff answers your customer’s question, saving your people time and money says James Dean @ Facebook Messenger Service ...