Energy Industrial WordPress

Choose a WordPress theme that fits your needs and/or let our design team help you. We charge $995 USD to program new websites including new domain name, agreed upon WORDPRESS theme, 1-year hosting, graphic design, social network pages, blog SEO content writing, keyword research / meta tag search engine optimization, embedded video and photos. All … Continue reading Energy Industrial WordPress

How to Create WordPress Web Store

eCommerce mobile Internet shopping revenue is growing 35% annually. Creating a web store using WordPress provides a responsive customer experience across all mobile devices. Integrating social network shoppers, offering digital coupons and secure shopping cart checkout is programmable in WordPress says James Dean @  Today, over 90% of purchases begin in mobile search using … Continue reading How to Create WordPress Web Store

How Video Marketing Increase Sales

Over 65% of people are visual learners, so presenting your message, either business or personal, using mobile video advertising is the most effective form of content news media. On-average, video marketing produces customers and new leads 75% response rates. By using video marketing, your gaining a better return-on-investment. This is particularly the case when targeting "mobile device" … Continue reading How Video Marketing Increase Sales

Visual Coding Apps

Today, nearly 86% of all e-commerce web traffic is coming from mobile Internet devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. With millions of new apps being downloaded every day, it's a smart idea to consider developing one for your business says James Dean @ The big rub with apps has been the sizable investment … Continue reading Visual Coding Apps

Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Automating your marketing with smarter website designs and targeted advertising to produce a better customer service experience will push your brand loyalty and increase sales. Using automated mobile apps such as LIVE CHAT; we've created a better customer experience. The LIVE customer interaction yields vast amounts of web analytics data to drive your business development … Continue reading Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Google Image Search Augmented Reality

Google just acquired French based tech firm, Moodstocks for less than $500 million. The image recognition technology Google acquired provides machine learning algorithms that enable image search and facial recognition mobile applications. For example, using a tablet or smartphone camera pointed towards a geographic location or even a stationary items i.e. painting, appliance, item in … Continue reading Google Image Search Augmented Reality

SnapChat Memories Photo Video App

SnapChat introduced its new "Memories" app providing a new way to telling visual stories and sharing experiences present and past with friends. The robust search capabilities allow users to pull-up memories such as "your trip to Hawaii" or "Birthday". Setting preference levels for your memories is a snap. You can control who views your memories … Continue reading SnapChat Memories Photo Video App

How To Build Your Social Network

Building your social media network is very important in order to grow business relationships that may yield collaboration and most importantly better sales. Adding social network contacts is a daily task. Be sure that your targeting the proper geographic area. Research contacts that may fit your sales lead profiles. Target social network contacts that are … Continue reading How To Build Your Social Network