Affordable Sales Rep

Selling your products and services requires a daily consistent effort that can be made more affordable when outsourced to network resources companies like  Our trained department of sales representatives will target key decision makers by phone and email contact. Although, digital media is a big part of today's marketing and sales effort; your company … Continue reading Affordable Sales Rep

Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

Email marketing programs can quickly boost sales 25% using Android / iOS mobile apps to connect with loyal customers. An email blast for rewards card benefits that offers savings to customers like Mapco's can drive instant sales traffic. Review More ... Step 1 : Email marketing blast with mobile app download (Android / iOS) and website link. Step … Continue reading Email Marketing Mobile Apps Create Brand Loyalty

Business Capital Startups : Bill Gates 10 Rules is a leader in helping small business startups gain a foothold in the marketplace. Over the past 25-years, we've developed top business sales and marketing solutions. Questions Tel 615-420-5153 Seed Money Sources ...  Andreessen Horowitz — The storied firm started by Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen and his early hire Ben Horowitz cashed out … Continue reading Business Capital Startups : Bill Gates 10 Rules

WordPress Plugin for Dropbox helps integrate Dropbox cloud storage for business into WordPress sites. Integrating Dropbox into your WordPress website makes it easy to drag and drop files like PDF, PPT, video and Word docs. We recommend the Dropbox Cloud Network File Sharing mobile app plugin Integration on WordPress sites for all our clients - Mr. James Dean.  Programming … Continue reading WordPress Plugin for Dropbox

Trump vs Clinton : What’s the BIG Picture in the CONNECTED World Asks Pulitzer Prize Winner, Thomas Friedman

With LEADERSHIP CHANGE, the United States and the world economy can be sustainable overtime, but the road will be tough with many setbacks. So far, here's what $19 Trillion of debt has produced for the average working American (FEB 2016) JP Morgan analysis. It's clear America is at a critical geopolitical crossroad, now grappling with two very … Continue reading Trump vs Clinton : What’s the BIG Picture in the CONNECTED World Asks Pulitzer Prize Winner, Thomas Friedman

$1 Trillion U.S. War Failed : Here’s Why

News Source At a press briefing OBAMA fumbled questions on Drugs, $300 Billion Illegal Substance Abuse Industry Lead by the United States affects over 30 million families reports Afghanistan supplies almost 90% of the world’s heroin despite the U.S. tax payers spending $1 Trillion in occupation war. READ MORE ABOUT THE ADDICTION TREATMENT GAP... reading $1 Trillion U.S. War Failed : Here’s Why

Made in America ReEnergize : The People and Prosperity

Source - A Digital Media Production Company. Music creates inspiration, it moves people to discover new concepts and prosperity. Each person realizes their talents and dreams - ReEnergize America ! Build Your Dream Business Now, Get E-commerce Solutions...       

Today’s Breaking News – Internet marketing programs create HIGH IMPACT news, entertainment and business stories that connect with a wider audience worldwide. Using organic content writing, online video and photo images to gain top SEO. We use web analytic tools to measure the value of each news story for optimal results. This ensures your business engages more consumers. … Continue reading Today’s Breaking News –