Web Design Content Marketing Prices

iHumanMedia.com offers 25-years of experience in digital media production and technology programming services. Note below our pricing ...  Mobile Website Design : 15 page website $495 or Landing Page $195 (capture more leads) 15-30 pages $1,195 … WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, custom HTML ... includes 1-year hosting, content writing, blog, social network pages, video embed, search engine optimization and Google indexing. 50+ pages $1,295 … Continue reading Web Design Content Marketing Prices

WordPress Custom Design Themes

WordPress is the best content marketing web development platform available. WP allows large scale enterprise productivity with advanced plugins and widgets to embed high quality solutions. The MySQL database management apps provide ample search capabilities often critical in retail shop inventory  and real estate property sales applications. Integration of social media networks on WordPress push … Continue reading WordPress Custom Design Themes

Content Marketing versus Link Building

Google announced requirements for mobile search engine optimization and better web page ranking with it's new algorithms. Bottom line, if your website is not mobile complaint it will be delisted and drop-off the top search rankings. Among the most important components to capturing top mobile search ranking is the makeup and complexity of your site architecture, load speed … Continue reading Content Marketing versus Link Building

Holiday Online Sales 4.28% Growth Report

iHumanMobile.com partner reports online retail sales with Adobe Digital Insights updating its Thanksgiving Day results through 5:00PM ET. Online Sales: $1.15B Online Sales Growth: 13.6% Desktop Share of Visits: 46% Desktop Share of Sales: 61% Mobile Share of Visits: 54% Mobile Share of Sales: 39% Smartphone Share of Visits: 44% Smartphone Share of Sales: 28% … Continue reading Holiday Online Sales 4.28% Growth Report

Sales E-commerce

E-commerce sales website designs provide a great way to reach more customers on mobile Internet channels. Programming easy to use shopping carts and e-pay solutions is important to improving the customer experience. Convenience adds customer loyalty. Leveraging your social media networks can really drive sales traffic to your website. Checkout e-commerce sales solutions like the … Continue reading Sales E-commerce

YouTube Video Marketing

We define YouTube, as the leading mobile social video network that engages hundreds of millions each day on smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. Using YouTube as your go-to marketing channel, enables your business to create a personalized video message for customers. YouTube may also generate income for you from advertising.  WordPress and WIX website designs also … Continue reading YouTube Video Marketing

Intelligent Bots Email Marketing

Programming intelligent email marketing bots is becoming highly efficient now in Android, Microsoft Outlook and Facebook Messenger. The email marketing apps can increase your response rates up to 15% in many cases said James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. We're engaging customers for our clients now in email marketing campaigns with blog article content, video marketing and … Continue reading Intelligent Bots Email Marketing

Profit Index Call to Action Lower Bounce Rate

Building an optimal website design that produces sales revenue consistently is a science. Many factors go into creating a high quality customer experience on your website. Easy navigation, call-to-action, discount sale coupons, social media reviews, detailed content resources and online video that personalize your business are all critical factors to more sales. Think Different !  … Continue reading Profit Index Call to Action Lower Bounce Rate