Web Design Content Marketing Prices

iHumanMedia.com offers 25-years of experience in digital media production and technology programming services. Note below our pricing ...  Mobile Website Design : 15 page website $495 or Landing Page $195 (capture more leads) 15-30 pages $1,195 … WordPress, WIX, SquareSpace, custom HTML ... includes 1-year hosting, content writing, blog, social network pages, video embed, search engine optimization and Google indexing. 50+ pages $1,295 … Continue reading Web Design Content Marketing Prices

Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Automating your marketing with smarter website designs and targeted advertising to produce a better customer service experience will push your brand loyalty and increase sales. Using automated mobile apps such as LIVE CHAT; we've created a better customer experience. The LIVE customer interaction yields vast amounts of web analytics data to drive your business development … Continue reading Automate Your Marketing Website Design Live Chat Landing Pages

Internet Marketing : Web Design Search Optimization & Social Video Apps

iHumanMedia.com  produces stunning web designs and top ranked Internet marketing services that increase your sales and generate better leads with social media networks.  - CUSTOM Website Design (15-pages web STORE payments online / VISUAL graphics intensive) includes CUSTOM design, Video, content writing SEO, social networks (Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest), BLOG article, Shopping Carts SSL Certified (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal). MOBILE apps LIVE CHAT included.  ** Package hosted 45-days FREE then monthly $22 … Continue reading Internet Marketing : Web Design Search Optimization & Social Video Apps

WordPress – WIX Apps

Web development involves a range of technical knowledge and programming skills based on experience. Using WordPress for better content marketing is effective. Although, WordPress may not allows be the best solution for every customer need says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com. In this article, I compare WordPress and WIX.  For retail web store and service businesses such … Continue reading WordPress – WIX Apps

How to Launch Your Startup Free

Source : iHumanMedia.com facilitates the business development life cycle of startup business enterprises.  Here are key things you can do to help lift your start-up off the ground without spending any money at all.  Business plan Have a solid business plan. In order to navigate your way to success, you must plan how to stay afloat … Continue reading How to Launch Your Startup Free

Social Media Marketing

iHumanMedia.com creates unique social media marketing campaigns to push localized news stories that appeal to your customer base. A successful Facebook posting has an image that grabs attention, a news story and links to drive customer replys call-to-action. Twitter social media posts use a similar news story format to embed video clips and content marketing. By … Continue reading Social Media Marketing

Affordable Business Internet Marketing Strategy

Creating an effective Internet marketing plan for your business does not always require vast sums of money. With a budget of just $695 per month local businesses can accelerate customer sales, improve brand loyalty and build mobile social media networking says Director, James Rickman @ IHUMANMEDIA.COM Online marketing is time-consuming but it doesn't have to … Continue reading Affordable Business Internet Marketing Strategy