WordPress Custom Design Themes

WordPress is the best content marketing web development platform available. WP allows large scale enterprise productivity with advanced plugins and widgets to embed high quality solutions. The MySQL database management apps provide ample search capabilities often critical in retail shop inventory  and real estate property sales applications. Integration of social media networks on WordPress push … Continue reading WordPress Custom Design Themes

How to Create WordPress Web Store

eCommerce mobile Internet shopping revenue is growing 35% annually. Creating a web store using WordPress provides a responsive customer experience across all mobile devices. Integrating social network shoppers, offering digital coupons and secure shopping cart checkout is programmable in WordPress says James Dean @ iHumanMedia.com.  Today, over 90% of purchases begin in mobile search using … Continue reading How to Create WordPress Web Store

How WordPress Theme Generates Advertising Revenue

Creating your online news publication is a great way to drive mobile search optimization and generate sustainable advertising revenue. Publishing high quality, targeted content is the most important aspect to producing consistent advertising income on a monthly basis. But how can you expect to earn. Like any other other successful business, it takes a lot … Continue reading How WordPress Theme Generates Advertising Revenue

Video Auto Play : Bad Web Practice

A novice web developer, often is unaware or hasn't taken the time to test their web site designs. Particularly, we've found many instances where they've place video auto play media on the website. For example, CNBC is guilty of pesky video auto play. Note general programming rules ...  Video auto play doesn't work on mobile … Continue reading Video Auto Play : Bad Web Practice

Nashville Advertising Agency

iHumanMedia.com, the leading Nashville advertising agency says 86% of all consumers shop and get news on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Responsive website designs for Nashville, Tennessee business owners increased sales 35% on-average. Checkout our custom coded mobile website designs from the leading Nashville advertising agency.  Divi Say hello to the smartest and … Continue reading Nashville Advertising Agency

WordPress Web Designs

We're Rated #1 WORDPRESS web designer. iHumanMedia.com prides itself on working with business owners to gain better customer engagement, driving sales call-to-action response rates. The certified development team brings over 35-years of experience in digital media to the WORDPRESS programming community and businesses worldwide.  Using a variety of custom coding techniques in WordPress and leading mobile … Continue reading WordPress Web Designs

WordPress Custom Coded Designs

Open source coding with WordPress is a powerful way to push your business message using web design themes which combine social networks and embedded video blogs. Finding WordPress plugins and widgets that help increase your customer engagement is a detailed programming process that often involves experimenting with new mobile apps. iHumanMedia.com charges $695 total per … Continue reading WordPress Custom Coded Designs

WordPress website Development 10% OFF

We offer decades of experience in business development and digital media solutions. Our technical skills deliver optimal return-on-investment and sustainable customer loyalty.  Website Design – WordPress CSS / PHP / HTML5 / XML / Interactive Presentations Microsoft Sway / SharePoint / Wix / Facebook Store / GoDaddy / Shopping Carts VISA / AMERICAN EXPRESS / PayPal … Continue reading WordPress website Development 10% OFF