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YouTube / Facebook video production blogs and advertising. Great for sales events, product demo, infotainment. Over 5 Billion web videos are viewed everyday worldwide. Call 615-420-5153 EMAIL 

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Using your existing video from your camera or smartphone, we edit your video, post to social networks to promote and increase business. Video delivers 65% better sales call-to-action (ROI). 

How Complete Video Production Works … 

  1. We can provide full videography on-site video shoots … Rate $45 per Hour 
  2. Our team edits the video footage and produces your video marketing message
  3. The video can be advertised in HD on major channels, embed in website and DVD 

How Blog Video Advertising Works … 

  1. Record your video using your VIDEO CAM, smartphone and tablet (10 – 15 min clips)
  2. Make payment $150 includes video edit, Google & Facebook Advertising and More
  3. Upload the file to our cloud video platform – View OneDrive Here
  4. Within 48-hours your video is done and broadcast to targeted to millions of people using mobile Internet devices. You get new file.

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