Google Acquisition Twitter $10 Billion

Although, Salesforce has been touted as buying Twitter, it appears now that Google will acquire the struggling social media network. Twitter’s streaming video success with NFL Football, Thursday nights, comes as a nice complement with YouTube and Google Plus. announced it expects Twitter’s acquisition before December 2016. The buyout valuation of Twitter by Google is somewhere around the $10 Billion mark says James Dean @ … Continue reading Google Acquisition Twitter $10 Billion


Snapchat Video Cam Glasses

Snapchat announced it’s new $130 “Spectacles” for users to snap pics and stream video to mobile 5G wireless networks. The move by Snapchat to rebrand as Snap Inc.; opens-up new video channel advertising markets and content media production capabilities. The smart glasses by Snap Inc. integrate live video cam and virtual reality social network apps. Read More About 5G Intelligent Wireless Networks … Continue reading Snapchat Video Cam Glasses


YouTube Video Marketing

We define YouTube, as the leading mobile social video network that engages hundreds of millions each day on smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. Using YouTube as your go-to marketing channel, enables your business to create a personalized video message for customers. YouTube may also generate income for you from advertising.  WordPress and WIX website designs also provide convenient embedding tools for blog feeds and article news … Continue reading YouTube Video Marketing


Dynamic Content Marketing

When you think of “content”, as it relates to Internet marketing, don’t limit yourself to only content writing. Instead expand your definition of “content” to include graphics, visual presentation, photos and video combined with unique written content materials. Content is a multifaceted term in the media business; where visual content, information and knowledge are often intertwined with written articles and blog stories in social media networks. … Continue reading Dynamic Content Marketing


Dynamic CRM App

The ability to search across multiple data sources in your customer relationship management app, enables better “cross sales” and new revenue opportunities.  Using Microsoft’s Dynamics Cloud app provides a powerful enterprise CRM solution. The ability to integrate and share data in your Customer Service logs, Outlook Email, Calendar, PowerPoint and Word docs improves productivity across multiple devices said James Dean @ The data analytic tools … Continue reading Dynamic CRM App

Robot With Email Sign. Render on white background

Intelligent Bots Email Marketing

Programming intelligent email marketing bots is becoming highly efficient now in Android, Microsoft Outlook and Facebook Messenger. The email marketing apps can increase your response rates up to 15% in many cases said James Dean @ We’re engaging customers for our clients now in email marketing campaigns with blog article content, video marketing and retail e-commerce payment options like PayPal. Continue reading Intelligent Bots Email Marketing

social media marketing

LinkedIn Social Buyers

LinkedIn is a unique social media news channel that connects your business to high quality, potential sales leads now over 450 million. Users on LinkedIn are generally older with spendable cash budgets and employed in management positions. This makes LinkedIn a much better choice to reach B2B decision makers than Facebook or Instagram. Although, we also recommend Google and Twitter to reach social buyers. Read … Continue reading LinkedIn Social Buyers


Nashville Advertising Agency, the leading Nashville advertising agency says 86% of all consumers shop and get news on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Responsive website designs for Nashville, Tennessee business owners increased sales 35% on-average. Checkout our custom coded mobile website designs from the leading Nashville advertising agency.  Divi Say hello to the smartest and most flexible theme in our collection. Our Divi Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme … Continue reading Nashville Advertising Agency