Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Owning Businesses Grew 75% in Ten Years reports iHumanMobile.com. Let’s resolve the gender wage gap to make it more productive.  Businesses owned by African American women grew 322% in the Last Ten Years. African American women control 1.3 Million Businesses. Today, businesses owned by African American women grew 322% in the Last Ten Years reported AStockTip.com. Continue reading Women Entrepreneurs

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Holiday Online Sales 4.28% Growth Report

iHumanMobile.com partner reports online retail sales with Adobe Digital Insights updating its Thanksgiving Day results through 5:00PM ET. Online Sales: $1.15B Online Sales Growth: 13.6% Desktop Share of Visits: 46% Desktop Share of Sales: 61% Mobile Share of Visits: 54% Mobile Share of Sales: 39% Smartphone Share of Visits: 44% Smartphone Share of Sales: 28% Tablet Share of Visits: 10% Tablet Share of Sales: 11% … Continue reading Holiday Online Sales 4.28% Growth Report


Video Auto Play : Bad Web Practice

A novice web developer, often is unaware or hasn’t taken the time to test their web site designs. Particularly, we’ve found many instances where they’ve place video auto play media on the website. For example, CNBC is guilty of pesky video auto play. Note general programming rules …  Video auto play doesn’t work on mobile users. It’s automatically turned-off by data providers like Verizon, AT&T … Continue reading Video Auto Play : Bad Web Practice


Flash Mob Retail Sales App

Flash Mob Retail Sales Apps developed by iHumanMobile.com create a viral, geo-targeted, location based customer experience that drives greater foot traffic into storefronts. Using mobile text message, Flash Sales Alerts, it defines a limited time offer for customers to instantly save money. Retail Flash Sales build awesome customer loyalty through social networking and mobile text messaging apps said developer, James Dean @ iHumanMobile.com. Read More…  Continue reading Flash Mob Retail Sales App


Mobile Networking Solutions

Over 25-years, our skilled team of programmers and digital media production specialist have helped business and organizations push their message. Each project is unique with custom specifications that our team researches in order to achieve maximum results for your business. Below we offer guidelines on pricing of services including;  Mobile Web Design prices range depending on specifications 1-15 pages $495 and 15-50 pages $1,295 (shopping carts … Continue reading Mobile Networking Solutions


Positive Messaging

With so many negative messages out there in the media and on social networks, it’s often hard to stay focused. Today, more than ever the business world is intertwined with our social activities. As a manager, motivating your team of employees is a daily task that involves continual learning and personal growth. Every experience, whether it’s person to person or through mobile network technology, provides … Continue reading Positive Messaging


Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing

A web marketing person costs $45K annually (see data). Let us do all the web marketing, get better results just $395 / month. You SAVE $40K annually based on U.S. market rates. Call 615-420-5153  EMAIL US   Our complete web marketing package includes :  Website Design … mobile user interface, graphics, shopping carts, blog, online video etc.  Social Media Marketing … YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, … Continue reading Save $4oK Annually Web Marketing