Win FREE Website Design Custom SEO 30-Days Hosting : Happy Halloween

Submit your SCARY website below. YOU CAN WIN A FREE WEBSITE DESIGN, CUSTOM SEO, and 30-DAYS HOSTING. Register for this HALLOWEEN CONTEST by October 31, 2016. A random drawing will occur on Halloween day.  SUBMIT FORM BELOW, WINNER to be contacted. Questions Call 615-420-5153   Continue reading Win FREE Website Design Custom SEO 30-Days Hosting : Happy Halloween

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Holiday E-commerce

Most businesses are gearing up now for the coming holiday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the bend. Black Friday is November 25th, so don’t miss it. The holiday season can make-up nearly 55% of entire annual sales for many retailers. But reaching shoppers is a new experience for many retailers unfamiliar with social media marketing and mobile advertising says James Dean @ … Continue reading Holiday E-commerce


Sales E-commerce

E-commerce sales website designs provide a great way to reach more customers on mobile Internet channels. Programming easy to use shopping carts and e-pay solutions is important to improving the customer experience. Convenience adds customer loyalty. Leveraging your social media networks can really drive sales traffic to your website. Checkout e-commerce sales solutions like the one below created by iHumanMobile.com Continue reading Sales E-commerce


Google Acquisition Twitter $10 Billion

Although, Salesforce has been touted as buying Twitter, it appears now that Google will acquire the struggling social media network. Twitter’s streaming video success with NFL Football, Thursday nights, comes as a nice complement with YouTube and Google Plus. iHumanMobile.com announced it expects Twitter’s acquisition before December 2016. The buyout valuation of Twitter by Google is somewhere around the $10 Billion mark says James Dean @ … Continue reading Google Acquisition Twitter $10 Billion


Snapchat Video Cam Glasses

Snapchat announced it’s new $130 “Spectacles” for users to snap pics and stream video to mobile 5G wireless networks. The move by Snapchat to rebrand as Snap Inc.; opens-up new video channel advertising markets and content media production capabilities. The smart glasses by Snap Inc. integrate live video cam and virtual reality social network apps. Read More About 5G Intelligent Wireless Networks … Continue reading Snapchat Video Cam Glasses