social media marketing

LinkedIn Social Buyers

LinkedIn is a unique social media news channel that connects your business to high quality, potential sales leads now over 450 million. Users on LinkedIn are generally older with spendable cash budgets and employed in management positions. This makes LinkedIn a much better choice to reach B2B decision makers than Facebook or Instagram. Although, we also recommend Google and Twitter to reach social buyers. Read … Continue reading LinkedIn Social Buyers


Nashville Advertising Agency, the leading Nashville advertising agency says 86% of all consumers shop and get news on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Responsive website designs for Nashville, Tennessee business owners increased sales 35% on-average. Checkout our custom coded mobile website designs from the leading Nashville advertising agency.  Divi Say hello to the smartest and most flexible theme in our collection. Our Divi Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme … Continue reading Nashville Advertising Agency


Nashville Web Design

As the #1 web designer in Nashville, prides itself on working with local Tennessee business owners to gain maximum customer engagement, driving better call to action response rates. The certified development team brings over 25-years of experience in digital media to the Music City Nashville business community. More Samples Using a variety of custom coding techniques in WordPress and leading web design platforms, our … Continue reading Nashville Web Design

visual coding

Visual Coding Apps

Today, nearly 86% of all e-commerce web traffic is coming from mobile Internet devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. With millions of new apps being downloaded every day, it’s a smart idea to consider developing one for your business says James Dean @ The big rub with apps has been the sizable investment needed to create one. Often mobile apps development can run … Continue reading Visual Coding Apps

wordpress theme

WordPress Custom Coded Designs

Open source coding with WordPress is a powerful way to push your business message using web design themes which combine social networks and embedded video blogs. Finding WordPress plugins and widgets that help increase your customer engagement is a detailed programming process that often involves experimenting with new mobile apps. charges $695 total per custom coded WordPress site. The package includes content writing SEO, … Continue reading WordPress Custom Coded Designs

web analytics

Google Adwords Express

Adwords Express by Google provides a quick and easy way to create search engine and social network content marketing campaigns. The text adwords reach mobile users and Android search on Google and Maps. We like the ability to geographically target a certain community based on location. The bid cost per text ad is reasonable with excellent web analytic data apps, you can drill-down to gain … Continue reading Google Adwords Express

web development

Web Designs

Web designing is a detailed process that integrates original content writing, graphic design and social media networking; all into a digital media that broadcasts your business message to consumers. Whether, it’s B2B / B2C markets your targeting, the web designs used should convey both visually and content messaging that engages your audience in a dialogue. Build your web designs on high quality information and project … Continue reading Web Designs

3d printing

3D Print Manufacturing

Data analytics research by; suggests the 3D printing market, known as additive manufacturing will achieve $21 Billion in revenue by 2022. Companies like ST Engineering use 3D printing now to manufacture unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV).  The beauty of 3D print manufacturing is that we go from production to consumption in a single step, thus skipping the costly transportation of goods, delivery and retail channel. Additive manufacturing i.e. … Continue reading 3D Print Manufacturing